Binance Blockchain Day April 2021

Yesterday was my first event in the blockchain space in Vietnam. Some high level takeaways regarding Blockchain and Real Estate:It might be able to help solve a few inherent problems of the real estate space: ⊙ Price Discovery⊙ Liquidity (both injection & extraction)⊙ Exposure⊙ Tokenizing Certs of Ownership, Planning Papers… (NFTs)⊙ Transparency⊙ Fractional Ownership through […]

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Quân Tử dùng người

“Cho ở xa để xem lòng trungCho ở gần để xem lòng kínhSai làm nhiều việc để xem cái tàiHỏi lúc vội vàng để xem cái tríHẹn cho ngặt ngày để xem cái tínỦy cho tiền bạc để xem cái nhânGiao cho việc nguy biến để xem cái tiếtCho đánh chén say sưa để xem […]

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Takashimaya & Trung Thuy

Trung Thuy’s humble beginnings are strangely similar to Takashimaya, with both our founders started their stories as merchants in a 4 m2 shop kiosk. My parents were selling Ao Dais (vietnamese traditional dress) while Shinshichi Iida was selling gofuku (japanese kimonos). They both have the dream of bringing the local crafts and embroideries to the […]

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Beginner sources to immerse in Blockchain

Library of Resources Curated by A16zA good list of resources related to Blockchain & Crypto maintained by a16Z. For everything NFT related also by a16z. Curated by me. Updated daily as I find more gems. Twitters worth following: Nick Szabo – @NickSzabo4 Andreas Antonopoulo – @aantonop Michael Dempsey – @mhdempsey @haydenzadams – Uniswap Founder @coinbureau […]

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