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Why I am building Sipher

If you love making games, love playing games, love telling a great story, love managing a great community for the game, love the great social and personal impact blockchain will bring for gamers and non-gamers alike, then please, reach out and join us. For Sipher, is now officially starting. And we would love you to be a part of our journey.

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Sipher the beginning

SIPHER, the combination of two incredibly potent words: Surrogates and Cipher, form the whole new digital race. The race which consists of all Digital surrogates (or avatars) that represent their human owners in the metaverse. They, under the will of their owners, are born in the spirits of the bold humans that inspired the crypto […]

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An Open Letter to Elon Musk

Dear Elon, This is from a long time fan and I’m writing on behalf of many others like me. I have been forever at awe by your depth of knowledge, inspired by your journey in life, both the ups and downs, by the moments of entertainments such as your appearance on Joe Rogan’s show. You […]

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light in cave

3 ways luminaire shapes your world

Luminaire, a wholesome source of light. Luminaire, shaping your being For most of human’s history, the only source of lumination were the sun and fire. Though some invisible to the human eye, the sun emits multiple colors of light, across a wide spectrum, including red, orange, green and blue as well as infrared and ultraviolet […]

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Blockchain Diary Month 2

It’s been two months since I first took the plunge into the chaotic yet mesmerizing world of blockchain. I always have a hunch that it is a subject worth looking into, but just never quite found the time. Thanks to Covid-19 and the luxury of some down time during Lunar New Year, i finally took […]

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The making of Nam O

Table of Contents Prelude “On a rise in his drive to the beach, at the end of the road, did he catch a view of the architectural marvels stretching back, away, toward the peninsula. Layered upon each other, they hugged gently to the wide and busy boardwalk next to lazy sand dunes, soft grass and […]

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Binance Blockchain Day April 2021

Yesterday was my first event in the blockchain space in Vietnam. Some high level takeaways regarding Blockchain and Real Estate:It might be able to help solve a few inherent problems of the real estate space: ⊙ Price Discovery⊙ Liquidity (both injection & extraction)⊙ Exposure⊙ Tokenizing Certs of Ownership, Planning Papers… (NFTs)⊙ Transparency⊙ Fractional Ownership through […]

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Quân Tử dùng người

“Cho ở xa để xem lòng trungCho ở gần để xem lòng kínhSai làm nhiều việc để xem cái tàiHỏi lúc vội vàng để xem cái tríHẹn cho ngặt ngày để xem cái tínỦy cho tiền bạc để xem cái nhânGiao cho việc nguy biến để xem cái tiếtCho đánh chén say sưa để xem […]

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Bill Gates lessons on Covid-19

Message from Bill Gates on lessons that this great pandemic has brought us “What is the Covid-19 Virus Really Teaching us?” I’m a strong believer that there is a spiritual purpose behind everything that happens, whether that is what we perceive as being good or being bad. As I meditate upon this, I want to […]

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Takashimaya & Trung Thuy

Trung Thuy’s humble beginnings are strangely similar to Takashimaya, with both our founders started their stories as merchants in a 4 m2 shop kiosk. My parents were selling Ao Dais (vietnamese traditional dress) while Shinshichi Iida was selling gofuku (japanese kimonos). They both have the dream of bringing the local crafts and embroideries to the […]

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