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The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

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Graduated from Melbourne University (Australia) in 2010. Tin started his first business, Sin Lounge in 2011. Following its success, Tin went on to open multiple businesses such as: Ace Nightclub, Hush Creative, MAMA Restaurant & MetVuong.

With his passion for entrepreneurship, Tin opened Dreamplex, a collaborate flexible work solution for tech-startups, freelancers, and medium-size companies alike. Dreamplex is striving to be the flexible hub of all entrepreneurs and their companies from all different industries. Dreamplex welcomes its members across 5 locations in 2022 across Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

In 2014, Tin became CEO of Trung Thuy Group, a multi disciplinary corporation with businesses ranging from hospitality, tourism & real estate.

Tin was selected by Forbes Vietnam for the “30 under 30” awards in 2015.

In 2017, Tin cofounded Zone Startup Accelerator, a leading Incubator & Accelerator in Vietnam that has seen 40+ companies through its cohort, many of which have raised funding from Pre-seed to Series A from VCs.

In 2021, Tin founded Sipher, a Vietnamese-based gaming & blockchain technology studio. Sipher went on to raise 6.8M in Venture Capital funding from all the top tier VCs such as Hashed, Arrington Capital, Konvoy Ventures, Dragonfly, Defiance, BITKRAFT etc. They grew from a small studio to a 100+ man team that aim to deliver innovative gaming experiences that embrace web3 ethos and technologies to bring about the adoption of blockchain for the masses via gaming and entertainment.

Tin invests in many Technology startups such as Fresh House, AZ Home, Eco Truck, Canavi & Cloud Energy. Throughout 2021, Tin also actively invest in web3 startups across the blockchain infrastructure, dapps and gaming space. Some notable investments are: Merit Circle, PlayItForward, Pegaxy, Elpis, Salad Ventures, AAG, MetaGoons, BreederDAO, Mammoth.la, Cosmic Guild, Parallel, Ancient8 and others.

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