If you believe in this thesis, why is Sipher interesting?

Free2Play games made billions from the ads they showed gamers. AAA game studios make billions from the cosmetics they ‘rent out’ or the mods fans makeThe players who participated received joy and in the former case, annoyance from too much ads. Nothing else.

Even though many of them contributed and were critical to the games’ ultimate successes. What if there was a way to incentivize people upfront to contribute to such a success? To let everyone who contributed share a piece of the rewards, to participate in the upside?

Web3 might have the answer. Web3 = create + share + own. It allows for the first time, digital assets ownership.

Is this big? Massive.

Will this take time for mass adoption? Faster than you think. Some are testing waters. Some already aped in.

When you participate in web3 gaming projects, you join ambitious game worlds and you’re buying into an equally ambitious virtual economy. Economies that are complex and self-propelling together with external inputs. Where participants are key. Please read Virtual Economy by Atelier for an in-depth take on virtual economies.

Really smart people believe gamers will naturally be the next millions of fans and users of web3. Building metaverse & virtual economy requires human capital and financial capital. Thanks to our partners at @LootSquadGG @YieldGuild @Avocadoguild @MeritCircle_IO  @aag_ventures @SaladGuild  @GuildFiGlobal  @MTTM_Official @MetaGoons @PathDAO and more who are spearheading these movements.

Virtual worlds and virtual economies are capital intensive. Great games built on that take time and also significant capital. Great web3 games will also take alignment of incentives via tokenizations. We believe that is possible if designed correctly.

If you believe in this trend and want to have a stake in it. Please consider participate in our public token sale.

Our public sale will commence at 6th December 01:00 UTC and finishes at 9th December 01:00 UTC

Participating in our public sale means a few things.You are betting on a fully doxxed and committed team of 90 people and counting. Find out more About the team

You’re betting on “network effects” and how game ecosystem will be all about network effects and incentives alignment. Engagement with our community of players, iterative delivery of content, and fanatic engagement on multiple platforms are front and center.

You’re betting on the power of community ownership, and the powerful effects of memes and 169,420+.

Don’t believe it, hear from the community? We have a happening Discord full of enthusiasts about the game and upcoming token release, please join, its quite fun! Join our Sipher discord!

You’re also backing a team of innovators

We leverage NFTs, via cloning characters mechanics or minting drops as NFTs. We built on top of proven foundations. We constantly innovate further with our understanding of blockchain tech with UX in mind.

You’re backing us so that Sipher grows = larger teams, more talents, better products, more partnerships, more cross-investments, more tech products being built, more Sipherians, more worlds, more awesome experiences = more growth.We scaled aggressively to 90 people and more talentsare joining.

We believe in what blockchain can do for gaming could be as significant as F2P to gaming 10 years ago. We believe this is the perfect time to be investing our time, energy and financial resources in building what we hope to be great gaming and technology products.

You’re also betting on dedication to quality and to fancy catty-moves. 😉

So you’re interested, what is this IBCO about?

  • You’re participating in an innovative distribution mechanic that protect retail. The public sale for the Sipher token ($SIPHER) will start tomorrow and last over the next 3 days (72 hours).
  • 4% of the total token supply will be sold via our customized & improved IBCO mechanic. This system works as follows:· Anyone (except excluded countries) can deposit ETH (Ethereum) via our website.
  • At the end of 72 hours, the deposited ETH is traded with the SIPHER tokens and $SIPHER is distributed accordingly in proportion to all who deposited ETH· At any time during the 72 hours, depositors can withdraw.
  • Specifically to counter whales and bots, we implemented a first of its kind “conviction curve mechanic”. For more information, please read our Atlas article.
  • This is ≠ traditional fundraising via an ICO platforms like Coinlist and Launchpads, where they employ whitelists that only benefit their communities.
  • Fundraising using this mechanic allows us to open and enlarge our community, ultimately gives multiple stakeholders part of the upside of Sipher at a very early stage. · We will also avoid front running bots that ruin everyone’s day.
  • We hope to facilitate real-time price discovery, and importantly, validated Sipher’s ability to constantly innovate on new blockchain mechanics on Ethereum.

So, should you buy $SIPHER?

We think demand > supply as that seems to be the community’s feedback. Successful buyers of $SIPHER at IBCO also will be the only people with access to staking rewards once the staking pool as they hold the only freely traded supply at that point in time. The early birds get the worms so they say

However, as with anything, this is not financial advice and always please DYOR.

Thank you and see you in Sipheria!

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