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When I was a kid, my favourite game would be my collection of Lego sets. There is something magical out breaking open a box of parts, all in different shapes, sizes and colors. Each serving a purpose on its own and if combined together in imaginative ways, can create millions of new objects. The limit is really your imagination.

Growing up, I’ve always been a massive fan of games, whether its card game, board game or computer game. I remember being mesmerized seeing my parents playing Tetris and Mario Doctor on the Nintendo late into the nights (yes they are gamers too!). One of my favourite part during IT lessons in middle school was sneaking behind our teacher’s back and play Prince of Persia (show how one computer in the lab was powerful enough!). Needless to say, video games have been long time friends of mine, all the way to university, where my favourite games include CS, Metal Gear Solid, FFVII, FFVIII, FFX, AoE, C&C, Starcraft, Warcraft 3, WoW, Dota (when it was still the WC3 custom map) and LoL,

There are too many great things about video games that it’s foolish to try and list them all out. To me, perhaps the most captivating aspects of video games are the World Story, its characters, its heroes and villains and their stories, the fun and innovative gameplay mechanics and finally its social and competitive nature.

Nowadays, we are spoiled with a vast selection of games, each day there are probably 100 games hitting the App Stores and Steam Store, which make for creating a new game especially competitive and challenging. There are AAA games with 100M USD productions budgets that flopped and also Indie games with less than 200,000 USD budget that are breakout hits. This is because, at its core, successful games probably have no single common formula except for one, player’s love for the game.

Building a game in the blockchain age

As a gamer, I always dreamed about making games. What would it be like? How would it tell a great a memorable story? How would players have massive fun while playing it? How would we build games that players would love, no matter their age and background? And now with blockchain, how will this great technology enhance games to a new frontier, to something more than just entertainment? How will games enhance the rate of adoption for blockchain technology?

I do not have the answers, matter of fact, i doubt i will have it without diving into it head first, by making a super fun game that will integrate with blockchain technology.

This will be a bumpy road ahead, not only because of Covid, but only because I have not built games before, but my team is excited for the challenge. Here is a sneakpeek we put together. Marvel vibe? 😏

And finally, after months of tirelessly working, we would like to introduce our newest project: SIPHER!

SIPHER is a new blockchain-based MOBA game with the goal to become the most exciting meta-verse gamers have seen. By combining concepts that have already been tested with a unique twist, the game brings a new experience to the blockchain gaming industry. Building Sipher, we aim to:

  • Build a community-driven game that enables players to become owners/investors
  • Bring blockchain technology to the mass – knowledge can be absorbed through “the state of fun and play”
  • Offer a game that you, and we want to play. A beautifully designed game world and characters with a long road map that you will get to decide what’s next

In parting, I would like to ask my readers this one thing:
If you love making games, love playing games, love telling a great story, love managing a great community for the game, love the great social and personal impact blockchain will bring for gamers and non-gamers alike, then please, reach out and join us. For Sipher, is now officially starting. And we would love you to be a part of our journey.

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