SIPHER, the combination of two incredibly potent words: Surrogates and Cipher, form the whole new digital race. The race which consists of all Digital surrogates (or avatars) that represent their human owners in the metaverse. They, under the will of their owners, are born in the spirits of the bold humans that inspired the crypto movements, the cypherpunks.

As meta-digital beings, they embody the best technology and cryptography has to offer, the ability to traverse the digital landscape unbounded, unshackled, full of freedom and limitless potential. Representing the ethos that originated by the cypherpunks, that individual ownership and freedom are to be preserved and celebrated, they seek the create a new world, or worlds, that will enable mankind to achieve that previously thought unimaginable.

There is no fence, no sandbox. There is only limitless connectivity, boundless potential for discovery.
There is no rule of man in the metaverse. There is only rule of code.
There is no one who shall dictate what you can and cannot craft. There is only the limit of your imagination.
There is no death in the metaverse. There is only proof of existence.

Photo by Adam Neumann on Unsplash

Each SIPHER has their own story.
Each comes from a different walk of life.
Each has a different view on justice, faith and religion.
Each arrives at the metaverse seeking for something different.
Be it fame, fortune, love or simply the thrill of a new world.
Each will mark their own stories in the world, undisputed, unedited, unscripted and through it all, remains in control of their fate.

Welcome, to SIPHERION, Anon.

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