Bill & Melinda’s divorce.

We all make jokes at the news. While it is funny to read the jokes that Bill Gates could not endure his marriage due to the fact that he has been washing the dishes for 27 years, it is a little sad inside for us to realize that even the greatest role models are still just like us, ordinary, vulnerable and sad.

We then make assumptions as to who is right and who is wrong. And yet there is much that we do not and will not know about the trials and challenges of the marriage that they went through. We merely make those observations based on our own personal experience and what we speculate are the possible reasons for divorce.

We’ll never truly know what goes on inside a marriage.

Being happily married does not mean that couple does not have problems. Every couples have or will have problems, in one shape or another form. A person once told me: the only times when that couple may not have problems are only when they are divorced or one of them died!

The same goes for divorce.

We as outsiders do not get to judge whether the reasons they got divorced are correct or incorrect. That’s not up to us. We do not know what went on inside their marriage. And even if we do, it’s not our business.

There is one thing we can know for sure about Bill & Melinda’s divorce though.

Divorce means they tried. Divorce means that they, 27 years ago, decided to enter into a legal union together. It meant they both made a significant commitment together. That, for 27 years:

They tried loving each other.
They tried at being a partner to each other. They tried being best possible parents to their children.
They tried saving the world together.
They tried to keep their marriage together. They tried to work it out
They tried their best for each other.

Perhaps after 27 years, marriage did not end the way they have hoped. But was it worth it? I definitely think so.

Let’s wish them all the best at this difficult fork in their life. They deserve it.

P/S: Bill is still the one at fault. The husband always is. 🤦🏼

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