Luminaire, a wholesome source of light.

Luminaire, shaping your being

For most of human’s history, the only source of lumination were the sun and fire. Though some invisible to the human eye, the sun emits multiple colors of light, across a wide spectrum, including red, orange, green and blue as well as infrared and ultraviolet light. As you move across the spectrum of visible light, the wavelength of the light decreases and energy increases. Red light has the longest wavelength and has the lowest energy of visible light.

When sun moves through the sky, there is less or more blue light depending on the time of day. At the beginning of the day, there is less blue light outside, and it increases throughout the day until the sun is at its highest point in the sky, then declines again until the sun goes down.

This is the light pattern that influences our evolutionary biology for most of human’s existence. Our mastery of fire didn’t change this much for fire only emits low-energy light. For thousands of years, we rise and hunt when the sun is strong and full of blue energy, and we get ready to settle and rest when the sun light changes its energy and hence its color. When we go against nature, terrible things can happen such as our inability to sleep or drowsiness when the lighting is off.

This is why, at our Lancaster projects at Trung Thuy, we try to prioritize the important of lighting that have colors according to your circadian rhythm – to enhances your every waking moments at home.

We believe by trying to offer the perfect light, we will make your day just that little more perfect.

Luminaire, the beacon of destination

Light is also often thought of as a beacon, a signal to an end or a beginning. In the midst of darkness in a stormy sea, a single source of light can bring hope and guidance for wary sailors that their homes are near. In a serene and narrow cave passage, rays of light carving through the millenia aged rocks marks the beginning of an exciting journey of discovery.

sunset sky over sea and lighthouse located on hill
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Luminaire, the sculptor of beauty

For any given person, there are always the time of day and the angle of lighting that makes us beautiful and alluring. In any given space, light can enhances or diminishes its grandeur, its intimacy or its romance. Imagine the beautiful cathedral being grazed upon by rays of a bright morning sunlight, or the beautiful and misty jungle being peppered by the sun setting. In our projects, light subtly illuminates, to hint to the world of its existence, to shine light to a new day, to guide home those who wanders but are not lost. It can be feature so large, it will be your first impression, and it will be so subtle, that you will barely notice its presence.

Luminaire, truly shines in the eyes of the beholder

Light can be soft.
Light can be harsh.
Light can be powerful.
Light can be weak.
Light can divide or Light can converge.
Light can illuminates or Light can burn.

I believe all of us have our inner luminaire. Waiting for us to let them shine.
So let your Luminaire shine.

Lancaster Luminaire, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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