Trung Thuy’s humble beginnings are strangely similar to Takashimaya, with both our founders started their stories as merchants in a 4 m2 shop kiosk. My parents were selling Ao Dais (vietnamese traditional dress) while Shinshichi Iida was selling gofuku (japanese kimonos). They both have the dream of bringing the local crafts and embroideries to the world.

Both share the same 4 business values that are the moral compass for everything that we do:

  • Craft high quality goods
  • Selling with Integrity
  • Suitable Price
  • Best possible customer service

And now, after many months of discussion, learning about each other, We are very happy to share that Takashimaya (under the company Toshin Development) and Trung Thuy has officially partnered together to co-invest, co-develop and co-manage our Lancaster Luminaire Mixed Use Project in Hanoi at Duong Lang Street.

Signing Ceremony
Signing Ceremony in March 2021

Takashimaya with their 190 years history, overcoming hardships during and post war time, combining with Trung Thuy’s 35 years starting with Vietnam rebuilding after the war, have a combined over 220 years of passion for craftmanship, attention to detail and unwillingness to stop reinventing

We promise to try and bring the best that Takashimaya and Trung Thuy have, to our customers, no matter the hours, no matter the challenges.

This marks a new chapter for Trung Thuy, and I am so thrilled to be sharing it with everyone.

Thank you!

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